Friday, August 12, 2011

God Sized Beauty

We are thrilled to be back. There is no place like home and Savannah Christian Church. The pictures for this blog could get a little boring however because the only subjects to photograph here some days are Cam and I drinking our coffee and having calendar time. But hopefully we won't have to resort to that this week. We have seen some amazing God size sights this last month. I will have to admit, my husband was right, they do look better from the back seat of a Harley. As we rode through the giant redwoods my neck got so tired trying to look from the bottom of the tree to the top because you can't take in the entire tree at once. So I took advantage of not having a roof over my head...laid back on our pack and just stared straight up at those magnificent trees. When we stopped I just had to hug one. Yes that's me in my motorcycle helmet becoming a tree hugger. I do love those trees.

On the northern California coast I saw God sized cliffs hanging over the ocean as it sparkling hundreds of feet below.  (At one point my husband said it had to be a 1000 feet down.) The ocean was shining with the most beautiful shades of glowing blue I had ever seen. I didn't know we could be that high above the ocean and still be on land. Next time I hope to see all of it with my eyes open. However from what I did see...I was overwhelmed with the creative mind of our God. Just when you think you've seen the most beautiful view there is, another one comes around the next hairpin curve and takes your breath away. (...or maybe it was the curve...but I know I wasn't breathing.)

We also saw some amazing sights that show clearly man's ingenuity and creativity. When we crossed the Golden Gate bridge we were in the clouds part of the ride. It is fortunate that someone decided to paint it orange when it was constructed. Out of all of the colors I think orange shows up best in the fog and clouds. I loved it's graceful inverted arches shooting into the clouds. But the memorable thing for me was the vantage point we had of the surrounding area. I realized without this bridge only the birds would have this chance. After the cliffs and this bridge it became normal to be looking down on birds in flight. I was definitely seeing the world from a new angle.

I think we look most like our God when we create something new. When we can get what's in our mind and heart out there to share with other people we see just a glimmer of His heart. The Bible tells us we were created in His image and so there is a part of us that longs to create. I love that everything God created...He wanted to share with us. That's why He made it!

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