Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To See Clearly We May Need New Light

I have the most amazing young women raising my grandchildren! I know that is a strange way to tell you that news. It's just that I have recently seen them in a new and different light. They have both agreed to work with me on projects this summer and it's like I got to view them from a different angle.

So allow me to restate than my daughters-in-law look amazing from any angle. First of all how brave do you have to be to work with your Mother-in-law! Secondly I've got to admit that I've been more creative and more productive than ever before. When my eyes were opened to this "new light" I got excited because this just what we believe God has called us to in REAL Women ministries.

We have always believed that we are to take seriously Titus 2 and that means our ministry must be inter-generational. I have once again seen that God has a great plan for us as women when we are willing to learn from each other. This is a great time of year ro step out and make those inter-generational connections. Over these next few days you will be hearing from some REAL Women leaders (on this blog) about opportunities to connect with other women that will help you grow and see things in a "new light". I hope you will find what I have found...that there is still a lot to learn.

I think our families are just like God's works well when there are strong ties from generation to generation. Each holding to His truth for the generation that is yet to come. So as I watch my daughters-in-law (from any angle or in any light) I see the next generation in good hands. It brings such joy to see my grand children being raised by these amazing women!

Sarah Huxford
SCC Women's Ministry


Tina Torres said...

Awesome info, so glad to hear that a daughter in law and her mother in law are getting along so well. Not everyone can be so lucky. You have some awesome young ladies there Sarah. Great info.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm excited about this! (Also, very inspired... I really hope my future mother-in-law have as great as a relationship! I really don't have any family left, so I'm excited for the blessings of joining such an amazing one!)