Thursday, July 28, 2011

She Called Him By Name

I wish you could have seen his face. Grandpa Cam was given his name this week. The first time Riley called him Papa I thought he was going to melt. We would say something about "Grandpa" and Riley would say "Papa" over and over. The world was hers. If it was in his power he would make her wishes come true. Even if it was going into the waves that no one wanted to brave, she'd pull...and into the water he'd go. We even caught him playing choo choo train following her around in circles.
These last few weeks I have been facinated watching what happened to my son Cam's face everytime she called him by name. She has been saying Dada a long time (he proudly stated several times) but it never lost the power to bring joy to his heart. She says it when she wants to sing in the morning with him or when she sqeels as he throws her in the air and it's like magic.

I was thinking as I watched my two Cams that there is a lesson in this father's joy over the child they love calling them by name. Don't ever forget that you have a Father in heaven that rejoices every time you call His name. Do it often in prayer and worship. Some of you are young in the Lord and He has such joy hearing that you know Him by name. Also don't forget to hold His hand and trust Him when the waves are too deep or you're up too high!

Sarah Huxford
SCC Women's Ministry


Perri Baxter said...

Well said Sarah. Thank you for your insight and wisdome. Miss you!

Beckieh79 said...

My heart over flows with joy! Miss you so much!

Ed, Jan, Emily, and Addie Grace said...

*Sigh* That was so amazing ~ it almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such a special blessing with your family.

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful!