Thursday, July 14, 2011

BIG Day today for me!

Today is a big day for me.
Today is the day that Riley Grace Huxford spends the day and night with her grandparents. I feel I am definitely moving up a step on the grandparent ladder now that I have had both of my grandchildren spend the night. I am so excited.

There may be, however, someone more excited that me and that's my daughter-in-law Hailey. I see the longing in her eyes as she talks about 'sleeping in' one morning...and that it has been 14 months since she has done that.
You young moms are amazing with your tireless, non-stop care of your sweet kids. Those of us past this time in our lives need to be reminded of how constant your life is at this stage. I hope and pray that you find ways to stay refreshed and renewed in your busy days. Hanging out with 14 month old Riley has introduced me to the speed fun concept.
You moms know that you can't give up shopping so you "speed shop" and out of three stores in under 15 minutes. It's pretty remarkable. Then if you need to get one more store in you stop for some fast fun and you "speed play" with your little one. This has all been a great reminder for me. With their attention spans children don't need an hour at each thing...just a few minutes will be great fun for them.
After having three sons I am glad to have a girl in this next generation of the family to shop with. I will have to say that Riley is already showing signs of being a good shopper. She oos and ahhs at the right time over items in the shopping bag and will even try on some hot pink sandals and model them for everyone in the store to "ooh and ahh" over.

When I handed her her shopping bag she held the handle tight all the way down the street as if her life depended on it. I thought her little knuckles were going to turn white with that strong determined grip.

Even so some of the best shopping moments were the play breaks. The stop at the frogs fountain where you never know when the water is going to come out of their mouths was priceless but she loved the five minutes to play with her new ball that Mom got her, just as much.

So as I close, let me just say ladies, I hope you will put some energy into finding some fast fun for yourselves as well, that will renew your spirit.
Psm 103:5 So you can keep doing the most important job in the world with joy.
Sarah Huxford


Perri Baxter said...

I still haven't lost the "speed shop" mentality. Hmmmm, maybe it is time for me to slow down.

Erika (Oursland) Rodgers said...

I love this blog, Aunt S. Thanks for sharing it with us. This post was adorable. I love it... such sweet pictures, and sweet stories. Love you all.