Thursday, July 21, 2011

Modern Thought…Ancient Provision

We’ve been “Earthing” these last few days and I’ve got to say that I’m enjoying it. I know at this point you are worried about me spending too much time on the west coast.

I will admit  that it is all my fault. I was reading some health articles and one of the new schools of thought is called “Earthing".  In a nutshell, the thought behind it is that there is healthful  benefits to having your feet touch the earth. As you might have guessed I read it out loud to the family to share the education.  So the suggestions were to put your toes in the grass each day or have your feet in the salty ocean sand and you’ll feel better.

Even though this is accompanied with much teasing and laughing  about “Mom’s latest cure” we do feel better after  having had our toes in the grass or feet on the beach. I will not vouch for the science behind “earthing” but I will say that the one who created the Earth has given us a remarkable gift and made provision for all we need.

As we’ve been talking  about what refreshes us and renews us I will have to say that anytime I spend some time in nature I see the hand of God and I am left speechless by the wonder of what He created.

If scientist have by chance finally figured out that this earth is exactly what we need for our well being, then they are catching up to the book of Genesis. Our Father has created the perfect place for His Children. Let Him lead you beside the quiet waters and let Him restore your souls. Psalm 23

My husband added his comment after reading this and informed me they always practiced “earthing” in South Carolina but they called it “going barefoot”.


Anonymous said...

As I read your wonderful news of earthing, I was loving your spiritual richness you were feeding me. Then in the back of my mind I thought I have been earthing all my life. So I had to "crack up" when Cam bet me to the punch. Us Ga. chicks go barefoot too. I can see why you are loving those Riley kisses. Adorable

Anonymous said...

When I grew up in south florida, we didn't call it anything, because being barefoot in the summer was our natural state. It was wearing shoes that was unusual.