Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Time To Get Strong!

Just when you thought there were no more ways to show you my grandchildren...I have found another. We have a pull up bar in our house that is a part of our regular home decor. It hangs prominently in the doorway between the kitchen and the Dining room. I used to think (to myself of course)...I wonder how much longer that's going to hang there before they get tired of it. As you might have guessed, in a house with quite a few men passing through, they are not tired of it yet. It has been interesting to watch however, to see how long it takes a new person visiting to try it out. It's kind of like they can hear that bar saying..."show me what you got!"...and the next thing I hear from them is "let me at that thing". They have to try it and (as my sister Mary wanted to prove with her try) see if they can still do what they did in high school. Now some of the people that are regularly at our house...have been out of high school for several years but for some of the rest of has been several decades. The "let me at that thing" feeling can happen at any age as you can see form the picture of my 10 month old grandson J. Harrison. But while the desire is the same at any age I will have to say that the results are not the same. 

Well I use that pull up bar in my house as a reminder that it's time to get strong. When you watch people like my son Garrett use it every time he goes by, you realize its value. Doing something regularly and often builds you up. Doing it just once in a while makes you sore...for days. As I think about my spiritual goals I realize they are much like my physical goals. We all want to get strong in the Lord. The funny thing is that strength only happen when we are built up daily by the things that make us grow. So it's time...time to get regular with my own study in the word. Time to get back with the people I can learn from as we study together.

I love this time of year. A time when so many of us feel the pull to get things ordered in our life again. It's almost like you can feel it in the air...the let's get going feeling. I was even excited to be back in my office again.  J. Harrison was with me there doing some Hebrew studies. Did I mention he is a remarkable child? Advanced in every way. We were reading the Bible and discussing the use of the Shofar in the Old Testament (the long Ram's horn) and he was a great student, interested in everything. I saw again with fresh eyes why the Lord tells us to come to Him as a child. Ladies I pray for that for each of us. That we come ready to learn and truly interested in everything He wants to teach us. We have so many great opportunities for Bible Study this Fall I hope you are in one.

Thanks for the inspiration this week J. Harrison! To think that there is coming a day when the only thing he wants to learn is how to drive.

Sarah Huxford, SCC Women's Pastor,
Thursday Thought...

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