Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catchin Up on Whats Been Happening

Everyone's job has hard things and easy things. Most jobs have good thing and bad things, or things you like about it and things you don't like about it. I love my job and I don't feel like there is any bad part of my job accept when I let too many of the hard things pile up together. So rather than enjoy the challenge I stare at the mountain of work overwhelmed  Well I hope you are not having one of the "mountain staring" days. I've had a few this week but today is not one of them. I'm spending time catching up with an old friend.

At the top of my list of 'great things about my job' is a thing called a Spiritual Retreat Day. We are encouraged to take one day a month to pull away from the normal tasks and spend some time with God. I have been doing that today. What a blessing to read, study and pray without rushing on to the next task. Like many of you I try and spend time with God each day. But if I'm honest some of those days are very rushed. The only way to catch up with a friend about what's going on is to stop, sit down and chat a while. I was reminded today in John 15:14 & 15 that Jesus calls us friends. He goes on to say that we get to know Him and the news from His Father. He want's us to know what He's been up to.

Stop sit down and have a chat with Jesus. He already knows what's going on with you but He'd like to hear you say it...then maybe you'll know what's going on with you. Somehow you'll come away with a little more clarity about what's been happening lately. You think you've been should hear what He's been up to.

Sarah Huxford
SCC Women Pastor

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