Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting Closer to God

Ladies, Its been a long hot summer and I don't know about you but I am ready for cooler weather. I am also ready to to get back to connecting and serving with my Sisters in Christ. I would like to take a moment and speak to our sisters at SCC who have not connected with our Women's Ministry. It could be that you are new or it could be that you have been coming for a while and do not know how to get connected.
I would like to tell you about two ladies and what they did to get involved with our Women's ministry.
Delynn Daniels came to our church about 4 years ago from Florida. She knew no one. She said she was lonely and needed girlfriends (she had left 3 best friends in Orlando). She read that our Women's Ministry Bible Studies would be starting up and she decided to join one. The best decision ever. Not only did she grow deeper with her Lord but she made friends. These new girlfriends helped her get plugged into all the activities we have in our Women's Ministry. Delynn is now one of the leaders of this ministry and works part time at SCC. Needless to say Delynn is not lonely anymore.
Maureen Smith came to our church just recently but connected so fast it seems she has been a part of our family for 20 years. Her husband is in the military. We love taking care of our military sisters !!! Maureen like Delynn joined a Women's Bible Study. OMGoodness!!! She will forever have lifelong girlfriends here because of the bond she has made with these ladies. She has gotten plugged into our Ministry big time! Maureen and her husband are being transferred in a few short weeks and we are going to miss her very much.
I know personally I love our Bible studies and all that we learn in them. I love studying Gods Word and connecting with Him along with getting connecting with other ladies. Ladies who understand life from (as Sarah Huxford always says) my side of the breakfast table.
All this to say, our society is more and more driven to social media, texting, and emailing to stay connected. We cannot overlook the importance of physical face to face connecting! I want to encourage you to go to our web site and or watch for our blog about the upcoming Bible Studies . They will be posted around the 20th of August. Lets do this life together Sweet Sisters. I look forward to it! 
Love you all, Irene Christian


Perri Baxter said...

Love the Bible studies at our church....I have done a dozen or more and they never get old....but best of all, like Irene said, are the deep bonds I have formed with women I have met in a Bible study.

Hope to see each of you at a study this fall.

Perri Baxter

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to signing up for one this fall!